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The people I serve are seeking to tap into their power and use their talents to create a greater impact in the world. They are experiencing frustration and stress and seeking a change that re-ignites their passion and purpose leading them to opportunities they didn’t know were possible. Being healthy, both physically and financially, is a current priority in their life. All they need is the vehicle and tools that allow them to gain clarity, design their vision, and experience the physical and financial freedom they desire.


Coaching Programs


Say Yes to Yourself & Start w/Your Health

In this customized VIP one-on-one program, you will receive 12 Weekly One hour coaching sessions, curated resources, exercises to keep you on track  outside of sessions, and email/text support between calls.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

CIJ Clarity Catalyst

The Clarity Catalyst Course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree program that was developed in 1979 to cultivate creativity, authenticity and self- expression.

Women Voting

CIJ Culture Catalyst

CIJ Culture Catalyst Course is based on the Creativity in Business curriculum, a proven, state-of-the-art methodology that was created by Dr. Michael Ray at Stanford University.

Teacher and Kids in Library

CIJ For Kids & Teens
Insight For Life

A powerful course created for kids and teens where they are able to discover their unique talents, learn valuable tools and self empowerment techniques that prepares them for success at school and in life.

What My Clients Are Saying

Colleen Bitner

Lyle is a natural. He clearly enjoys helping people, and makes the coaching session seem just like a natural conversation. Before you know it, you have a vision and an action step. I look forward to seeing How Lyle does with his own business and he is clearly passionate about coaching. Lyle is very inspiring and able to help create and cast a vision, inspiring clients to think bigger and believe in possibilities.


Life & Health Coach

Meet Lyle Thompson, a resilient individual shaped by challenges. From a Saskatchewan farming community, he started a business at 12. Despite financial struggles and health issues, he persevered.

Leaving farming, Lyle found real estate success in Saskatoon, but faced overwhelming stress. Moving to Calgary for a fresh start, his business failed. Undeterred, he explored insurance and mutual funds, facing stress and growth.

Lyle thrived as a fleet manager in tourism until COVID-19 halted the industry. Uncertain about the future, he worked temporarily as a food delivery driver but desired more fulfillment.

During healing from a leg injury, Lyle discovered coaching, igniting a passion to help others facing stress, especially single parents. With his own experiences and coaching courses, he understands stress deeply. Lyle's ultimate goal is to positively impact humanity and become his best self.

Join Lyle Thompson on a transformative journey as he guides you through stress, unlocking a happier, fulfilled life. With his friendly nature and wealth of experience, he supports you every step.


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